About Steve Wood

Presenting programme 1000.      Photo courtesy of Herne Bay Gazette

The early years

  •          Dismantled (vandalised) Amplion wireless radio horn at age 2.
  •         Presented gramophone records to family and friends at age 3.
  •          Wired mains plug at age 4-5.
  •          Experimented with Merryfield “Gram-deck” tape recording apparatus (mounted on record player) at age 6-7, and became a nuisance. Wore out record player, so turned to Mum's prized radio-gram.
  •          Wired most of house for sound at age 8 and became more of a nuisance.
  •          Started broadcasting on cable to next-door neighbour at age 9.
  •          Acquired portable tape recorder (2 ½ “ reels) and became even more of a nuisance.

Getting on

  •          Joined Radio Cabin in 1980, mentored by the wonderful late Edmund Foley.
  •          Presented “Reminiscing”, the oldies slot in Graham Jenkins’ Lunchtime programme.
  •          Presented “The Talking Machine” for around a year, featuring exclusively phonograph cylinder recordings.
  •          “Reminiscing” was reborn as an hour of gramophone records under the title “A Sentimental Journey”, later renamed “The Light Programme”.
  •          Presenter of "The "S" Factor", playing "old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones".


Radio, good food, good beer, good company, horology (particularly Bulova Accutron tuning-fork watches)

Favourite Radio Presenter/Programme: -

           Bob Holness: - “Late Night Extra” (BBC Light, 1 & 2) and “Anything Goes” (BBC World) 

Favourite Music: -

Anything by anyone, as long as it's good

Favourite Record Shops: -  

  • Dialogues Musiques, 37 Rue Pasteur, Brest, France.
  • Second Spin, 14 Sackville Road, Bexhill on Sea, TN39 3JL. 
  • Smugglers Records, 9 King Street, Deal, Kent, CT14 6HX.

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