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UK Registered Charity No. 1058788

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Radio Cabin has been in existence in Herne Bay for over 40 years and is a registered charity run entirely by volunteers. It is reliant upon fundraising and donations.

It started out as a youth interest and developed the traditional package of hospital radio services, serving Strode Park, Queen Victoria Memorial hospital and Campfield residential home.

In recent years the nature of these establishments has changed and we have developed technologically into the age of web sites and internet streaming.

Radio Cabin provides local community broadcasting for the town with a strong emphasis on local news, events and local personalities. We also provide a public address service for many community events - carnival, the town's Remembrance services, school fetes - and our services have enabled thousands of charitable funds to be raised each year as part of the local community network.

We provide the Talking Newspaper services for this area to Kent Association for the Blind, with over 2000 listeners to the magazine edition across Kent.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for young people to gain experience in the world of media, training and gaining access to formal courses and job opportunities. But integral to our work is giving people something to enjoy and a sense of purpose and role in getting involved and committed to their town.


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